Border EP Regional Karting Championship off to a slippery start -13 May 2017

//Border EP Regional Karting Championship off to a slippery start -13 May 2017

Border EP Regional Karting Championship off to a slippery start -13 May 2017

 The Border EP Regional Karting Championship completed round two of their championship on Saturday, 13 May. The wet weather on the days made the circuit very slippery during the morning sessions, but it gradually dried out as the day progressed. Karting is an all-weather sport and the rain did not dampen the Karter’s racing spirit and we had very good racing without any incidents. The MSA officials and marshals always play’s a very big role in making sure our Karter’s are safe on circuit. 

The Border Karting Executive Committee, also welcome Alec and Ryan Gudmanz based out in Queenstown to the club. Bryn High joined in on the action from the Algoa Karting Club, Kyle Heideman travelled from Queenstown to complete and the rest of the field were made up of East London based, Border Karting drivers. 

East London and Buffalo City is establishing itself as the preferred motoring destination in the country, with the African Bike Week, Super GP series, National Porsche Club event, all arriving on our shores at the same time. With all of this happening Karter’s had a two month break in their racing calendar. Despite the long break Karter’s did not disappointment the sizeable crowd that turned up to watch the spectacular racing. 

The Race Results for the day: 

Cadets 50cc: 1st Jordan van der Merwe, 2nd Redd Scholtz, 3rd Heath Vallance. Heath was a bit disappointed in giving up second place to Redd, but said he will claim it back in the next round.

 Junior 60cc: 1st Sebastian Smith, 2nd Kaylim Padayachee, 3rd Jordan van der Merwe, 4th Redd Scholtz, 5th Daniel van Zummeren, 6th Jordan Dorning. Sebastian made his presence felt and finished 1st in all three heats. Kylim and Jordan are very consistent and are placing Sebastian under pressure for that first place. Redd, Daniel and Jordan Dorning are swapping positions all the time and is quickly getting to the same pace as the leading trio. These young and talented drivers promise to deliver good racing for the rest of the season.

Clubman’s Class A, B, C

Class A:  1ST Jared de Kock.

Class B: 1ST Ashton Nel, she made a welcome return to Karting after a short break. Cherne and Melindre Marais, had school sport duties.

Class C: 1st Neil Stephen, 2nd Kyle Heideman, Kyle said what he enjoyed most on the day was how the kart went sideways due to the wet conditions. Cuan Flusk promises to make a competitive comeback in round three, after race preparations did not go as planned.

Rotax DD2:

1st Geoff Stephen, 2nd Bryn High, 3rd Shaun Gradwell, 4th David Burberry, 5th Craig Borges, 6th Brent Strydon, 7th Jared De Kock, 8th Kevin Vosloo, 9th Blake Kruger, 10th Tristan Wantenaar.

Notably absent from the starting grid was Richard Clarke. All indications are that he will return to Karting shortly.

Geoff Stephen, dominated all three heats and made some spectacular overtaking manoeuvres, he is slowly carving his name in the book of Karting Legends, speaking to his Dad afterwards, Geoff was just coming out of diapers when he sat behind the wheel of his first go-kart, all this time in the seat definitely shows on the track the class of driver he is.

Bryn and Shaun followed within split seconds behind Geoff, and the slightest mistake would have costed him dearly. David got rid of the gremlins from round one and finished a respectable 4th and scoop Driver of the Day award. Craig normally finishes within the top four, the long break could have played a part in his performance on Saturday, but never write him off, he will bounce back. Brent kept a consistent pace and had a good 3rd heat. Jared made his debut in this very competitive class with a very respectable finish. Kevin, Blake and Tristan are enjoying each other’s company and are having some good battles down the order.

Article: Garth Flusk

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