Round 5 – Regional Championship – 2 Sep 2017

//Round 5 – Regional Championship – 2 Sep 2017

Round 5 – Regional Championship – 2 Sep 2017

Saturday morning 2nd September, greeted Border Motorsport Club with a beautiful Spring sunrise, with the promise of a glorious day to host our 5th Regional Championship Circuit Races.

The smell of racing fuel, hot slicks and a cacophony of sound from the pits wafted down pit lane giving the whole vibe a true racing “High” and thus firing up our competitors, spectators and officials with a shot of adrenalin in anticipation of a great days racing ahead.

Entrants included  some amazing flame- spitting Ford Capri Perana V8s, Derek Boys’ V8 Chevy Can Am and  Super Series V* Camaro, a Mazda RX7 Rotray and a host of 6 and 4 cylinder powered Modified, and Historic racing cars, from as far afield as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown and the Border region.

The Bikes were also well represented and we had 28 Superbikes campaigned buy racers from both the male and female camp as well as a range of ages from 16 to 60 giving it horns around the World Famous East London Grand Prix Circuit. !!

Well known Female Power racer, Janine Mitchell was the Chief mechanic and Pit Crew Boss for Travis Naude who was suffering from Flu and taking full advantage of all the TLC and  support from his gorgeous new Pit Crew Boss. !!  Janine normally races too but sat this one out to support Travis.

One the quali was over the racing began in earnest and an amazing battle for honours ensued with Darron Gudmanz and Chris Blom in the  V8 capris as well as Derek Boy’ putting on a spectacular display of precision racing as they swopped lead a few times and chased each other with bumpers connected down the main straight and through Potters. What a wonderful site to behold.

Another Capri, number 51 to be exact, piloted by our ever faithful and hard working chairman Andrew Karshagen” must have had doughnuts for breakfast as he entertained the whole circuits spectators with multiple spins during the races on almost every corner and in heat 2 of the Historics, he somehow allowed his contagious spinning virus, to infect the two leading V8 Capris who both completed a perfect 360 degree spin in beacon in sympathy for Andrews 1600 cc Capris dilemma.

The bikes were absolutely spectacular to watch, reaching speeds of in excess of 250kph through rifle ben before slamming on brakes for Cocobana,  Jason Lamb (getting quite mature now at age 42 (same number as his Kawasaki ZX10R) rode like a true Champ with Travis Warne, Travis naude Mr Redman and the very mature burt still very quick Pierre le Roux in hot persuit.

Cudos goes to our local 16 year old Stirling High School lady, Cassidy Simmons riding a Yamaha R6 sponsored by Roccomammas, for passing most of her male competitors on similar machines and ending up 10th overall, with a podium in her class.

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